Tasker integration new feature - events (to do something when light switch is flipped)


In addition to Tasker actions, it would be very very useful if Yeelight could support events as well. Events are information that the app sends out when a specific thing happens, and Tasker listens to such events and can run an action when they occur.

One very good example would be to send and event when a bulb goes online and offline. This would allow doing something automatically when the physical light switch is flipped on or off. This could also work with light groups and rooms - in such case the event would only be sent when all the bulbs come online or offline.

Hopefully it’s someting you’ll consider adding.

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I agree that it is welcome to have new features add to official yeelight app releated to tasker.
I already posted a thread about similar request.

in the mean time - you’re welcome to check my Tasker project HERE.
I created simply task to get info from the bulb through TCP commands - “power” parameter is one them.

Great idea, I hope that Yeelight will look into it.
I hope the light can be a trigger as well.
When the light is switched on, we can set a task to turn it off automatically or do any task in the tasker.

FYI - auto turn off command of bulb exist for the lamp - it’s the “cron_add” TCP command.
you’re welcome to check my Tasker project HERE. - I’ll publish today a version with support for that function.

@foresterr @night_mare007 we will look into it, but I can’t commit you anything at this point due to resource constraints.

Thanks for your feedback!