Tasker and variables

Lets for example say that I via voice google voice command say “set the LIVING ROOM light to 50%” I could with just one command set the light in the living room to 50% if I could have an command saying

set %light to %level

%light = livingroom;
%level = 50;

Here you can see why I want this. https://goo.gl/photos/ZyHa2BxQdnBVgvdS7

Then I could just create one Yeelight “push” with the info of what lamp and what “level” of brightness etc etc.

Is this something you guys are planing on?

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I am looking forwad to this feature too.

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Is this something you guys could implement?

Will do. Stay tuned.

Will do.

I have just complete coding for this. Will release in beta channel in days.

Thank you. If you need any help testing this just send me a messege at martin@myhrmans.com

Beta version 2.3.21 has been release, Tasker variables and group sleep mode included.

Hi, Coasterli.
Is it possible to add On/Off status of the YeeLight as the trigger for Tasker?
For eg, If the lights are on, I can have a notification created to remind me that the lights are on if I am not at home. Lights will be on automaticallyafter power outage.

Which product you were using? You can enable Automatic State Recovery to prevent your lamp from automatic turning on after power outage.

Where can I get the beta app?

You need to sign up for beta tester under yeelight app in playstore, after they approve, you wilk be able to update yeelight app beta version.

The Tasker integration via Yeelight app plugin is not stable. I have a Tasker profile for Yeelight autostart if I’m at home 30 minutes before sunset. But on 3 of 6 days it doesn’t work. In such case I have to open the Yeelight app, turn on the bulb manually and then Tasker can control the Yeelight again. One day later it is possible that it is working automatically only with Tasker, but it will broken soon (e.g. 2 days later I have to turn it on again manually). Is there another possibility? E.g. with intent call in Tasker or completely without Yeelight app, with directly communication from Tasker to the Yeelight with http request or something similar?

You can use Send/Expect plugin for Tasker to directly send JSON commands to the bulbs.

Mind to share how you did it?

Just send the JSON command, ie. {“id”:1,“method”:“set_rgb”,“params”:[255, “smooth”, 500]} or similar according to the manual: https://www.yeelight.com/download/Yeelight_Inter-Operation_Spec.pdf

Of course you have to keep the state of lamps in tasker variables etc.

It seems that this needs UDP and this is not supported in Tasker atm. Can you please provide a task.xml?

Using Send/Expect plugin for Tasker…

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Doesn’t work for me with Send/Expect 2.2.5. Neither in Tasker as plugin, nor standalone.
IP and Port were correct, because I have scanned it with the Yeelight Android Demo with search function.
Even the Chrome Plugin retrieves the same IP and Port and connects successfully.
I have tried different JSON, but nothing happens.

I don’t know, it definitely works for me… something with LAN/Router?