Support for Google Home or Google Assistant on Phone

Google Assistant has been rolling out to device with Android 6.0 and above.
It support some of the smart home devices including Philips Hue.
Is there any possibilities or plan for YeeLight to be supported using Google Home/Google Assistant on phone?

I have been using AutoVoice on Tasker to intercept my voice command for YeeLight.
AutoVoice failed to intercept the voice command since Google Now is updated to Google Assistant.
Smart home control is integrated into Google Assistant, I really hope that YeeLight is supported as well.

P/S: Since when YeeLight supports Android Wear? I just noticed that light can be switched on and off on the Android Wear. Any plan for extra function?

Google just picked some big players and release it’s API to them. We can’t get the API even we sign up the interesting form, so currently we can’t do anything.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
What about the plan for light blinking? IFTTT can sense if getting an email and blink the light.

Lighting effect editing will be supported in our next major App update. We don’t have a detailed plan yet, please stay tuned.

You can use IFTTT + Google Assistant ´+ Yeelight

Yes, using them now. Hope more functions and support.

Can you guys give me an example of how you’ve setup through ifttt? I’ve tried a few ways like “turn the lights on” or “lights on” but it just goes straight to Google search. I’m quite new to ifttt and still finding my feet. Any help is appreciated.

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do you have the google assistant or just google search\now ?

How would you set up IFTTT + Yeelight + Google Assistant?

EDIT: Much simpler than I thought: Just download the IFTTT app and set it up. It’s actually very easy, and kinda fun!

Please don’t mistake Google Assistant for Google Now. They are different things. Initially, i thought IFTTT didn’t work because it kept directing me to Google Search results. It turned out that I was using Google Now all along!

Google Assistant is only available for Android versions 6 and 7. If you have an older phone, and do not wish to upgrade your Android software version, there is a workaround detailed here in this web article. If you do this, make sure your Google account is using English (United States). I recommend taking the Activity Launcher option.