Support for Alexa color changing

Hi all Alexa users,

Recently Alexa team updated their API and added color changing and color temperature changing support. We have updated our skill accordingly. Now you can try to change color and color temperature without creating scenes in Yeelight app.

BIG NOTE: the API is currently only available for US account, per their information, UK and German support is coming soon, we will support it at the first time and let EU users know.

Amazon’s note:

These messages set the color for a light, or set, increment and decrement the color temperature of a tunable white light. Currently these directives are supported in the US only.

Color changing example:

“Alexa, set the device name to color”
“Alexa, set the bedroom light to red”
“Alexa, change the kitchen to the color blue”

Color temperature mapping:

Shades of White ColorTemperature value (in degrees Kelvin)
warm, warm white 2200
incandescent, soft white 2700
white 4000
daylight, daylight white 5500
cool, cool white 7000 (if device can’t support 7000k, then max supported CT will be used)

Color temperature changing example:

“Alexa, change the device name to shade of white”
“Alexa, make the living room warm white”
“Alexa, set the kitchen to daylight”

Increase color temperature:

“Alexa, set the device name cooler/whiter”
“Alexa, set the dining room cooler”
“Alexa, make the living room light whiter”

Decrease color temperature:

“Alexa, set the device name warmer/softer”
“Alexa, set the dining room softer”
“Alexa, make the living room warmer”



That’s great news. However, I’m in Singapore. May I know when it is gonna be published in South East Asia?

Alexa skill is only available for US, UK, Germany, so if you are not from UK or Germany, then you should be using US skill.
That is to say all Yeelight skill users from all over the world except UK and Germany can change color now.

Awesome, Thanks for the news

Works very nice, also in Europe (with an US account).
So far I discovered Alexa recognize the following colors, shades.
Like to hear if there are more :slight_smile:


blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red, brown, violet, white, yellow

candle light, cool, cool white, daylight, incandescent, sunset, warm, warm white, white

cooler, softer, warmer

NOT working

black, cyan, grey, magenta



Any news yet on API Support for Europe yet? I tried with just switching language to english rather german, but seems not to work.
When I asked Amazon, they just said such a function does not exist…

Alexa skill doesn’t support color changing in EU now, please stay tuned.

Hello, about 2 weeks ago a firmware update for Amazon Alexa has come. With this update, the color change has also worked in Germany. Unfortunately, only one day, after that it suddenly stopped. How can that be? Please turn off the function also for Germany! It worked great. Greetings michel

We already sync the color changing capability to Yeelight skills for DE & UK, now skills for US and EU are running exactly the same code.
This issue should be caused by Amazon side.

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It seems as if amazon the function today again in Germany has released. Works really great! Thank you

Functions great and all.
It works when you name your device with names like “table Lamp”, “kitchen” etc.

I happened to name one of my bulbs “pixar” (like the table lamp from pixar). Names like that doens’t work. neither does “john”, “jasmine” or any other pro nouns

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