Sunset automaticly go on


Is it possible to add a new feature to the LEDstrip if the sun is almost down the ledstrip goes on on base of the sunset time? That would be great. We have set a timer, and in the winter it will be faster dark, so we need to adjust it from time to time.


I start my Yeelight RGB Bulb with Tasker depending on the sunset. Each morning I retrieve weather data and the sunset time as well. From that I subtract 30 minutes and that’s the switch-on-time for the Yeelight. But if this would be implemented in the app, I would appreciate it.

With IFTTT, trigger is WU (Weather Underground)

please explain how to do it in tasker

Wow, that are a lot of steps and tasks.
The most important is the run shell command for controlling the Yeelight:
echo -ne '{"id":1,"method":"set_power","params":["on","sudden",500]}\r\n' | nc -w1 55443

You have to replace the IP. From where and how you’ll get the sunset is up to you.

All other possible commands (JSON) you will find in the developer guide line from Yeelight.

can’t you export the steps and task?