Sunrise/Sunset settings with IFTTT or inside app?

Hi guys.
I really wanted to see option for sunrise/sunset settings inside the app, but looks like it’s not available. So I tried to go around it and bought WeMo mini switch with those settings… but to my surprise it didn’t work, since after the switch turns ON, the lights stay OFF, since you have to toggle the ON/OFF switch on them.

Next thing, I tried to use IFTTT for sunrise/sunset. I used applet Wu for sunset/sunrise. So when Wu sense sunset, then yeelight applet turns ON the lights. When Wu sense sunrise then yeelight turns OFF lights.
For the evening time, I set then schedule inside YL app to turn them off at midnight. In the morning I set schedule to turn them ON at 5 am and they supposed to run till SUNRISE from Wu.

But my problem is that the YL applet gives me 3 options for the lights: ON/OFF/TOGGLE
and here is where I’m confused… which should I use? Isn’t that all the same meaning?

HELP! Please :blush:

If I understand correctly this is how you need to set them up:

  1. If Date-Time is 5AM THEN Yeelight turn lamp on
  2. IF WU senses sunrise THEN Yeelight turn lamp off
  3. IF WU senses sunset THEN Yeelight turn lamp on
  4. If Date-Time is midnight THEN Yeelight turn lamp off

The toggle function is for when you don’t care if its on or off. You just want the exact opposite state the lamp is now. Imagine you have a button (single button, not a switch with two states). How can you control two states with a single button? You use toggle. A switch that has two states doesn’t need toggle, you can assign one state of the switch to on and the other to off.

yes… exactly, as far as the schedule… so for above schedule, in YEELIGHT applet… should I choose ON or toggle (IF WU senses sunset THEN Yeelight turn lamp on),
and OFF or toggle (IF WU senses sunrise THEN Yeelight turn lamp off)?

IF WU senses sunrise THEN Yeelight applet > OFF
IF WU senses sunset THEN Yeelight applet > ON

You don’t need toggle.

What I have found works better with IFTTT if you have more than one light bulb following the same schedule.
1.) Create a scene than you add all the light bulbs too, and what you want them to do e.g. SCENE ALL OFF: LIGHT BULB1: Off, LIGHT BULB 2: Off; etc.
2.) Schedule the scene in IFTTT

Then create one for turning them on.

Much better than having multiple schedules doing the same thing for each light bulb

Problem is that Wu applet won’t let you pick groups. You have to pick individual lights. But I kind of like it. Can have them trigger at different times. It works flawless now.
Wish the sunrise - sunset timer was build in in yeelight app though.

It is. Go to your lamp select the three dots up right (…) and then select schedules. You can create a new schedule for your lamp like this:

Then have IFTTT Wu applet turn your lamp off.

That’s not what I was talking about. I want sunrise and sunset in REAL time. Happening by the geographic location and not timer. Just like WeMo power outlet timers have.
Right now I had to go around it and scheduled it in IFTTT with Wu weather applet.
Your idea doesn’t work by REAL sunrise and sunset time, which change on daily basis.

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