1- Schedules, Music Mode and Sleep Timer for Groups ( some added to V3.0 )
2- lights arrangement in main screen ! ( Show Groups Only or hide bulbs )
3- select Groups in IFTT
4- Schedules for Scene ( without using IFTT )
5- Movie mode (syncing groups of light with movie scene)
6- I have 18 Color Bulbs and yeelight app is so slow to sync (add Wifi mode without using internet)
7- Add seperate schedule menu to easily handle times
8- options to add “one click” home screen icon for commands or … (Like IFTT)
9- Candle and Notify mode is not good as others ( I think its BETA, No brightness adjustments + dont work with bedside )
10- Favorite page interface must change
11- add some features for yeelight force touch ( select scene or … )
12- Party mode is cool
13- drop down list and changable groups icon
14- add multiple devices at same time if possible ( adding 18 or more Bulbs is so hard )
15- dim light using iphone sensor ( Reading Mode )
16- Geofence option
17- force check and reset to programed schedules scene ( or check lights every 5~60 min to be in preset schedule scene )
Programmable remote ( I saw a remote for ceiling light with bluetooth )
For example all lights color change to blue when rain starts but just for 1~5 min and then reset to last condition )
Dont forget that you are awsome by the way
Thanks for your support


You have listed my all my dream bulb functions.:clap::+1:
Btw, where do you get Candle and Notify mode? I don’t have it.

Goto your bulb scenes and it shoudl be at the bottom of the list when you next restart the app.

Music Mode for groups has accomplished in version 2.3.19, which will release recently.
If add a Schedule or Sleep Times for a group, each device in the group will change it’s Schedules list, we don’t got a better way to display for groups.

You can try with Scene bundle in current version.

You can add a schedule with scene in current version.

Will consider local network control.

I don’t quite understand what seperate schedule menu means.

Short key for commands has added in current Android version.

Will provider edit mode for users to edit flow scenes.

What does Geofence option mean?

Not support yet with current solution.

We will take consider about other items.

Thanks for choosing Yeelight, and Thanks very much for your suggestions.

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im guessing it’s a separate “Schedule” option on the menu, in it we should be able to see/edit a list of all items with schedules. this way it allows a faster and more convenient way of managing all schedules rather than having to tap each individual light to see its schedules.

[quote=“dingyichen, post:4, topic:1141, full:true”]
What does Geofence option mean?[/quote]

i think it’s location-based trigger. for example, when i reach home, it triggers lights to switch on. or when i leave home it switches all lights off. This can be done currently with the use of IFTTT however it’s just nicer to be able to do it directly without use of IFTTT.

To make it happen, we need to ensure Yeelight app running in background all the time. That will bring a lot performance and power consumption concern. We prefer leave it to IFTTT or Tasker.

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If you get 18 bulbs, it will be really confused if all schedules listed in single page.

I totally agree that group schedule will be great, but we have not figured out how to handle it, as the group is a local concept, even you set a schedule to a group, we actually need to set this schedule to every single device in that group.
What if you edit or delete that schedule from one of the device in the group?

Anyway, we will figure it out.

Thanks for quick response
I forgot to tell you I am using iOS and the latest version for iOS is 1.8.72 !!! (US Store)
1- number 1 is not supported in ios current version
I think you need a seperated page for schedules, add “Schedules” in main menu and let us add time and date and define what happen to single or group of bulbs. This option is really helpful for compony manager or workshop
For example :
Add time "20:00 - 23:00 ecery sat , sun " in schedules page
Then add what happen to bulbs : change color, change scene or …
just like IFTT
In this version I must remember or write all schedules that programed,
In big scale you cant do that
3- not for iOS
4- not for iOS

Learn more about Geofence :

I think 2 major problems are suspected
1- the app and answers of many question rely on IFTT that is not correct for this great company
2- yeelight iOS version is too old, any plan or date for next update ?

IFTT RUN IN BACKGROUND AND That will bring a lot performance and power consumption concern too !
Many app using location service so for me Its always on in background
Sorry but you cannot rely on other apps, its great that yeelight works with IFTT but do you know many countries ban IFTT ?

New iOS app is on the way.

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If you make a schedule page I add groups of lights there.
For example in a corporation you can add
Turn On (Groups) : Manager Room, Employee Room, Waiting Room, Security Room
Scene : “Home”

Turn On (Groups) : Manager Room, Employee Room, Security Room
Scene : “Sun Light” More yellowish

Turn On (Groups) : Waiting Room
Scene : “Night Mode” reduce light brightness to 20% because we close waiting room

Turn On (Groups) : Security Room
Scene : “Sun Light” More yellowish

Do you know how many hours I need to do these simple tasks for 18 Bulbs ? ( I dont have group schedules right now in iOS ) So if I want this great best price products for a corporation I need days to manage it
This works for Home too
I just want to make yeelight greater and sorry for too much suggestions and very bad english
Many Thanks

Actually I have the same concern for battery draining problem too.
I deactivate all the location setting for IFTTT and Tasker, as this consistent location lookup drains my phone battery.
What I do is I use “near cell tower” in tasker instead.
Kittikat, you may give it a try.
However, it requires walking around house around to record the possible cell tower.
Phone will consistently check for cell tower regardless of what setting (except no sim card inserted).
Thus, no extra battery drainage. Yeah~~
Now even I haven’t bought human tracker sensor, lights will be on when I reach home after sunset.

One more suggestion, is it possible to triggle Notify scene when the light is off?
I plan to buy another light just for notification purpose. If will be off for most of the time and only flash when there is notification.
It will be the best if I can set it with different scene or color with Tasker, then each app will have its own notification color.

OMG! Iwill have to change all the lights in my house to YeeLight in one day~~

Yes,you can trigger Notify Scene when light is off.

How so? via Tasker or IFTTT or simply click on “apply” on YeeLight App Scene setting?
Trying now with Tasker, but it will turn on the light after flashing, guess that I have to use Tasker to turn it off after flashing for the time being.
This will create another problem, which is if my light is on, notification comes in, it will be turned off after flashing too.
Erm… may be I need to brainstorm how to do it.

Actually the Flash Notify scene is configured as restore bulb to original state, which means if the bulb was closed before this Notify scene applied, it should be closed after that. But there is bug, we will fix it with firmware update.

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As for the other problem of Tasker, which the SCENE is not able to be triggered and you were asking to try whether TOGGLE can trigger the light or not.
I am also testing for it, but it seems to be a little bit of inconsistent. Will report back later.

Make sure kill yeelight app before you try. If yeelight is running in background, I think it will work fine.

Noted, that’s why my testing results are still inconsistent. Thanks.

Yes it is not working with latest beta update (Android). Bulb stays on even if it was off before Flash Notify

It needs firmware update.