Suggestion:MI Band option also for LED Bulb

Please add the MI Band option also for the LED Bulbs:grinning:

I think this cant be done because Led bulbs are working on WIFI and bedlight on bluetooth. Also MI band works on bluetooth

You are right, BLE can’t talk with WiFi unless there is a bridge.

The Mi Band is connected the whole time with My Phone(Bluetooth) and the LED bulbs with My Phone(WiFi)- The App can Connect over Mi Fit to Mi Band and the yeelight App can send commands

I mean use the Yeelight App as a bridge

That would be very unreliable. App will be killed either by OS due to resource issue or by user explicitly.

what if, we integrate all mi device under one app ( i think Mi home app has it) and manage all your devices from it. I think it would be super awesome to manage the yeelight ( or any other Mi device) from the Mi band ! With some R&D it can be done :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pretty sure this can be done using Tasker (for Android). Yeelight has Tasker support, and there are (third party) plugins for Tasker that allow you to use single, double and triple taps of the Mi Band button to trigger tasks. You should be able to find what is required by googling, but let me know if you need any links.

Yes, Yeelight(Android version) could work with Tasker. But for that case, it depends how to detect mibind beacon message with SLEEP flag. Maybe I will help to check. Stay tuned.

Sounds great. I’ve already ordered a Mi Band. Looking forward to play with it. :slight_smile:

Try this:

Video: Basic example of using Beacon Tasker.

This uses BeaconTasker and Tasker to alert the user when they have entered or exited a region covered by an Estimote beacon. In the example I am also using the plugin AutoHue to manage my lights.

I believe you can use BeaconTasker and Yeelight to make it happen with Yeelight wifi bulb.

Let me know!

Would it be possible to connect the Miband directly to the Bed Lamp and turn off the Bed Lamp and the Bulb as an Group?
So we could use the Bed Lamp as an bridge