Strip not responding to multicast request

I’m trying to connect to the LED Strip using node. I am using this library:

I’ve tried multiple libraries, but after the message

{ 'M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1': '',
  HOST: '',
  MAN: '"ssdp:discover"',
  ST: 'wifi_bulb' }

is sent, it never recieves a response. This seems to be the same for multiple Node libraries, as well as the SSDP tools available for Windows.

Any suggestions? LAN control is enabled

Make sure the LAN Control is opened on your device.

Does the page need to be open, or just mode enabled?

Just enable the Lan Control option of your strip in Yeelight app.

Yup that’s enabled, but unable to discover

Are you running this code on your PC or on a RPi?
You can run some demo project listed in following pages and see if they are working.

I’m running it from my PC yep. I’m not sure whats going on.

I’ve got the Windows app and Chrome app working fine, but none of these Node libs seem to work. Not sure whats going on

How many interfaces does your PC have? Maybe the library is binding the multiplecast socket on a incorrect interface.

It’s got just the 1 which is an ethernet port.

You know wireshark or tcpdump? You can use that to capture the “any” interface traffic and use UDP port as a filter.

This must be a Windows Node issue. I’ve just tested the same lib on my Macbook and it works without any issue at all.
Bizarre, wonder why this isn’t working on Windows