Standby lights on low intensity red

Hi everyone, since two months my Yeelight Lightstrip start working on a not common way.
I have changed my wifi router and I changed every bulb and the lightstrip to the new wifi network. The bulbs works well but the lightstrip doesn’t turn off at all.
When it’s state is off, it appear to be on with a low intensity red.
And I have tried resetting, reconnecting to the wifi, to another wifi and nothing works at all.
By the way, all the functions works well, but when I turn off (using the app or the physic button) it never turns off, just stay on the low intensity red I have previously mentioned.

At today, I have problems to add it to the app. It fails adding the device, but I close the app and see the connected devices and it appear here.

So, I don’t know what the problem is…
It have less than a year I think…