Sorting in App

Hi there. How can i Sorting the Lamps in the Yeelight App for Android? Name by Name. I have many new Lamps in the App and i will Sorting the Lamps also the Scenes. Thanks for help!

We don’t support sorting device/scenes yet.

hopefully you will asap. having 14 devices and it’s really a pain to scroll down to the most frequently used ones…

I think maybe Group/Rooms is a good way to try.

Why don’t you organize your devices into different Room? Then you can find you device in Room device list easily.

Thats what i did, but with 8 rooms its almost the same story. Would be great to be able to sort both worlds… Same as with scenes, etc.

Wow! How many devices you have?

just double checked: 15 (including 3 ceiling lights). still having 3 more not installed right now. one could say i’m a quite satisfied customer… a good among of feature requests are posted in this forum (sorting was one posted already a few times). if apps gets better i can’t complain and don’t need to hunt for v2 bulbs. :wink:

can’t be that hard to add drag and drop sorting of the different items listed in scenes, devices, rooms…

OK. We will seriously think about it. But I can’t commit any plan for that at this point.

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no problem, it’s nice to see we are not left unheared. :slight_smile:

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Two years later and I’m still hoping for that feature… Is it really that hard to implement drag and drop or some kind of sorting for the rooms tap in yeelight app? :disappointed: