Sorry i couldn't reach yeelight: Google Assistant


Both My Yeelight LED (Bulb) And LED Lightstrip have stopped working with my Google Home.

Everytime I try to command my google home to turn on any of the devices google home says “Sorry i couldn’t reach yeeligh”.

MY ID is 1667436793

Please help.

How about try “Ok Google, sync my devices.”?

tried that already. says devices are synced.

The IFTTT commands work fine. Just the Google ones dont work.

please help with the issue.

Hi I have the same problem. My Google Home Mini would say, “I couldn’t reach Yeelight.” However, it works fine if I use IFTTT commands. And strangely enough, it works on my phone Google Assistant.

My Mi Id is 1786101839

Sometimes it happens with my google home too. But after un-linking and linking yeelight from home app it works perfectly