Some questions regarding Yeelight

Hi guys. My home’s undergoing renovation and I’m in the process of looking for Home Automation, that’s when I stumbled on Yeelight. My primary two choices are Yeelight and Hue.
So I’d really be grateful if you could answer few of my queries

1 Is the App entirely in English ? I mean I’m buying this for my old folks who are not so much technofreaks, hence I’d really prefer if the UI was entirely in English (no Chinese)

  1. I’ve read something about it not supporting in North America due to voltage differences. Will it flawlessly work here in India ? I’d really appreciate if an Indian user could attest to it.

  2. Is there full integration in India with Alexa ? Also does it support Logitech Harmony Hub ?

  3. Aside from the price, what would you say the benefits Yeelight has over Hue ?

  4. Lastly, should I wait for the second generation given the amount of hype it has generated ? I still have about a month and half untill my house becomes all new.


Yes app is in English.

  1. I believe so, I think India is similar voltage to UK and mine work flawlessly.
  2. Alexa skill was released in India this week iirc.
  3. No idea tbh, it was the price and lack of hub that made me choose Yeelight.
  4. I don’t think anyone here will know the answer to that as they haven’t been released yet. They might be released in that time frame.
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Thanks for replying. I believe that solved it for me. I think I’ll wait until a newer variant cones out.

Indian here and the bulbs work perfectly here, I had B22 holders and the bulbs are in E27 so had to buy a 50rs convertor otherwise working flawlessly.

I recently got a echo plus and the bulbs work fine with alexa after getting the skill, no idea about logitech harmony. I chose yeelight over hue because hue is terribly expensive in India also yeelight doesnt need a hub

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