Some Good News

Dear Yeelight Users,

We are glad to announce our Smart Ceiling lamp is released. It’s a BLE+WiFi solution. Supports same open API.

IFTTT is also coming, we have signed contract with IFTTT, Yeelight IFTTT service will be released soon after passing the tests.

Echo is coming too, Yeelight Alexa Skill is being tested and certified, will release soon. Check out this demo video:


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Wonder does new celling lamp supports geek mode (and home bridge plugins as well)?

And specs says 220V 50/60Hz. It means 110V@60Hz too?

I Need to connect wall switches to control yeelight bulbs. Theese switches should set on and off bulbs light without cut off the power, so that i can continue to control bulbs via app.
Can you show me a product for this?
Thanks you

Geek mode is supported.
Only supports 220v. 110v version will be published depends on our sales…

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit with Aqara smart wall switch.

Thanks, that’s really a good news. IFTTT & Geek mode.

Any news on 110V ver. (other bulba as well) release date?

110v Bulb (White and Color) should be available on Amazon US by end of this year or earlier next year. IFTTT and Echo support should be ready at about the same time.


Thank you for your fast reply!
Is Smart home kit mandatory? Can I use Aqara switches directly in my LAN with yeelight bulbs?
Thanks again

No, it’s a Zigbee device and need a gateway …

I am still looking for the bulb with MFi. :wink:

真牛逼兄弟们干的漂亮 我刚想做一个alexa的skill 这几天单位事多 耽误了 今天晚上刚有空 刚要写 你们就解决了 真棒!怎么咱么本土没人关注这个论坛 都是老外啊 哈哈哈 什么时候上线啊?


Passing MFi right now. Needs lots of money, we almost decide to give up…

How about the bulb in 13W and without MFI?
The brightness of bulb in 8W is not sufficient. :confounded:

hi,请问,实现yeelight和echo或者 g home声控,需要mi gateway吗?



@weiwei any plans to support Google Assistant from Google Home, Pixel phones, Wear watches and other future devices? Would be really great!

Still waiting for Google Home’s API