Software fault? Yeelight Color and Alexa

When my Yeelights are on and I ask Alexa to dim the lights by 50 %
My lights wil go off very often
Is this a software fault?

Ps. Great Lights and a great forum with good service

There is a case of Amazon smart home skill : If current brightness of the bulb is below 25, the device will turn off when call “dim the light”. But in your case, you ask Alexa to dim the lights by 50 %, maybe Alexa couldn’t recognize 50% of your command. Pls have a try.

Tried that and it’s the same

But maybe it’s my voice

What’s the brightness when you ask the dimming command?

It’s My fault the Lights are onder 50 % when I ASK to dim them bij 50%

You can close the tread

Sorry :smirk: