Sleep as Android Integration for Yeelight

I am not sure is there anyone here using Sleep as Android?
Personally, I have been using both Sleep as Android and AlarmPad for triggering Yeelight.
For eg, when alarm is triggered, turn on dim yellow for my eyes to adapt from waking up, later when
I dismiss the alarm, the lights are turned to bright white.

All these has been done using Tasker, but I just saw that Sleep as Android is going to support Yeelight color bulb but there is no estimated time.
Just to share with you all, for those who concerns.
One function that I look forward is pee light…

You can setup schedule with wake up light in Yeelight. Why do you need some other app to do that? Does that app provide anything special?

Yes, we can setup schedule to turn on the Yeelight but it is not flexible.
For instance, my alarm might change from time to time.
Sleep as Android/ Alarmpad as my main alarm,they have integration with Tasker and will turn on the light when my alarm is triggered.
Yeelight is not going to be turned on based on my alarm, it will only be turned on based on the schedule in Yeelight app.

Moreover, Sleep as Android has it advantages.
When I start to track my sleep using phone/smart watch, I can schedule my sleep light to off 20 min after I fall asleep.
As for Xiaomi and Yeelight ecosystem, only Xiaomi Miband and Yeelight bedside lamp have this function.
When I wake up at night, to go to toilet, sleep tracking will be paused, thus it will automatically turn on the lights and off later when i fall asleep. With this app, all Yeelight product can have this function as it has tasker integration.
Currently, Sleep as Android only support Hue light but it seems that the developer has just started to work on it for Yeelight.

To me, it is a good news.

That’s great idea. I have just sent mail to the developer, will talk in detail.

BTW, does Tasker work fine for you? Any problems or comments, let me know.

I’m using Sleep as Android with Yeelights, Xiaomi Mi Band ( and IFTTT (
The main feature missing with this configuration is really “pee light”. But even this can be kinda solved with using sleep_tracking_paused and sleep_tracking_resumed
But I’m all in favor for more direct integration.

So far, so good.
There is only one issue that I have which I also don’t have a clue why it happened.

I have a profile which is linked with AutoLocation.
Whenever I enter house at night, it will turn on the light to my preset favourite scene: White Lights.
I checked the Tasker run log, it was running but lights are not turned on at all times.
I was wondering if it is because that is favourite scene I set on my own.
Deleted it and re-create it. Still the same.
Then, I thought may be the problem lies on AutoLocation, tried to use cell tower as trigger, still no luck.

As for other favourite scenes, they work just fine most of the time.

Btw, thank you for contacting the developer of Sleep as Android.
Hope that Yeelight will be recognized more and more.

Great to know there is someone using Sleep as Android here.
Which generation of Mi Band you are using?

Mi Band 2

When this app can work with mobile recorder on Android?

For what? Are you serious?