I used the sharing option to share a device to my other phone, but nothing appear on my phone.

How is sharing supposed to work ? Were are we supposed to accept a sharing and see shared device ?


I just shared bulbs to my son so I know :slight_smile: You share them to another mi account. So just create another mi account and specify the number on share. And, ofcourse, you need yeelight app on the other phone. Or, if it is YOUR phone, with the same account, you can just install Yeelight app and logon with the same credentials - no need to even share.

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But where does it appear after shared ? Immediatly in the list of light ? Or you have to accept something ?

In fact i want to share light with my roomate.

In Yeelight app, you get notification it is shared and you accept it.

Then I don’t know why I didn’t get the notification :confused:

Strange. Just logon to Yeelight app on both phones. On your phone, slide the bulb to the left, you will see share button. Click on share button and specify other mi account number. You will get message it sent share and other person needs to accept. On other phone, I got notification like in 5 seconds, and accept it. That worked for me.

That’s what I did but no notification :confused:

Please make sure both the users select the same SERVER.

Worked, thanks.

You should add some help about sharing in the help section :slight_smile: