Share lights with other account

I have 2 bulbs and one strip and I’d like to share the control with my girlfriend. It’s a feature I’ve found in the Mi Home app but not in the Yeelight app. Does someone know if it’s possible to share control with Yeelight app.
I can’t use Mi Home Singapore because Strip is not supported and I can’t use Mi Home China because there’s no IFTTT support.

Thank you

I’m not sure if I clearly understood you question.

The sharing is on Mi app only on iOS. Not sure about Android.

If your device is on China locale, and you share with someone else on another locale ie Singapore, it will not work. Last time when I tested this, both accounts need to be on same locale.

I really hope when they do add updated Singapore server, there’s data sync in background so as user we can seamlessly switch between locale instead of adding everything again.

We are working on sharing feature, will release in Yeelight 3.0, please hold on.

Think you. Do you have an estimate ETA?

Device sharing feature will be delivered with some other significant features in Yeelight 3.0, which will be a big release. It may still take couple months.

I can’t reveal any more details at this time.

I am using Yeelight App and I cannot share any of my LED Bulb Color lamps I have.
All lamps are connected to China Mainland server

You can share device by swiping device card left, there’s an option of sharing.

Sorry to resurrect this. Has the functionality be abandoned? Swiping left I only have a Delete button…

So this is already a shared device, you have no right to share again.

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Yes these were already shared; did you guess, or did you check my account?

The problem is, the app on my wife’s phone logged her out and when logging in again the devices were gone, and that’s why I need to share them again. Is there a way to un-share them so I can share them again?

I guessed it cause there’s only one option of device.

The device is connected to your wife’s account, and it shared to your account, when your wife logout Yeelight application and login again, you can’t use lamp, right?

I’m not sure who had shared them in the first place: me with my wife or my wife with me.

In the end I re-added the lamps to my wife’s phone and shared them with my account from there. And although I did share them, it seems the Share button is still there for her (though I did not try to share them again).

Funny thing, I got the share notification on both the Yeelight app and the Xiaomi Home app (I never understood which one to use… but that’s another story). I accepted the shares in the Home app, but they didn’t appear there at all. They did appear, though, in the Yeelight app. Go figure?

Mihome and Yeelight share the same server, so if you share it one, the other will also can receive the message, you can use one of it.

Which device do you share? Could you see it in Yeelight application?

Resurrecting this.

I could actually find the Share functionality, but my wife is not able to see the 1S lights that I’m trying to share.

Both accounts are in the same server.

After sharing my app says “the device has been shared with him/her”, but nothing else happens… She’s not getting any notification.

Finally if I go to “Share management” section it says “No sharing history”