Setting up the light with the alarm in the phone

Hello folks,

does anybody know if (and then how) it is possible to setup the yeelights (strips, RGBW, beside lamp 2) with the alarm clock in the phone?

using the google clock app on my smartphone and the device as an alarm clock.

it would be nice to somehow make it to setup the “sunrise”-scene as planed - but in combination.

example: setting the alarm for 06:00am -> automatically setup the sunrise for T-10min.
if I now change the alarm for the next day (weekend, whatever) to a different time, automatically change also the scene start time.

any guesses how to manage that?

kind regards Lukas

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I am also wondering how to do this. I’ve tried IFTTT but there is no alarm clock option. Anyone knows how to sync sunrise with alarm clock on phone or even google home?

Bumping this because that would be a great feature