Set_ct_abx method not supported

I’ve gotten connectivity to a YLDPO1YL bulb, and can send it commands with the yeelight python library. However, it is not supporting the set_color_temp method. I’m using Wireshark to spy on the communications, and I see this message go to the lightbulb:
{“params”: [2000, “smooth”, 300], “id”: 0, “method”: “set_ct_abx”}

And this resonse:
{“id”:0, “error”:{“code”:-1, “message”:“method not supported”}}

Based on the API docs, this seems like a valid message. Note that the bulb reports these properties:
{‘hue’: None, ‘music_on’: None, ‘ct’: None, ‘flowing’: ‘0’, ‘bright’: ‘100’, ‘sat’: None, ‘color_mode’: ‘2’, ‘power’: ‘on’, ‘name’: ‘Mono1’, ‘rgb’: None, ‘delayoff’: ‘0’}

The ‘color_mode’ of ‘2’ seems like it should support the color temp. From the PDF:
““COLOR_MODE”: Current light mode. 1 means color mode, 2 means color temperature
mode, 3 means HSV mode.”

Also note that in the Android mobile app, there is no option to change the temperature.

Am I missing something?

You are using white bulb which can’t adjust color temperature. The reason the color_mode is 2 is because all bulbs are in CT mode by default and the white bulb has no other color_mode capability.