Rooms loosing lights

Hi there, my rooms always loosing my lights, i need to add them again almost every time i launch yeelight app. and light always in unknown state and uncontrollable until i turn wifi off/on

(1)What’s your phone model?

(2)What do you mean with “turn wifi off/on”? Router or your phone?

(3)All the room keep loosing devices? Or just kitchen?

thanks for quick reply.

  1. it’s lg g6
  2. yes, on the phone. or i just can turn off wifi and devices became responsive via 4g
  3. all rooms. sometimes all devices, some times one or 2 lamps remain. after my post living room lost a strip.

I’m using home assistant with third-party mode, but everything was working on the old app with it.

Do you have wechat account? We can provide online support on this case.

i don’t have. i tried to register, but apparently it’s invite only. if you can help with assistant registration, i will send you my phone in a message

I am also having the issue. I only have 1 room with 2 lights. But every day when I open the app, I have to add at least 1, if not both bulbs. But my phone is a LG G5. The problem first started a few weeks ago now.

I didn’t loose any lights since my post, don’t know why. i will post again if it will repeat