Rooms/Groups and Scenes

What is the difference between adding lights to a Room or creating a group and adding lights to that?
Apart from showing up in different sections of the Yeelight app, I can’t see what the difference is.

Also is there some sort of wiki or tutorial/instructions on creating scenes?
I’m trying to create a scene where one bulb will be turned off and another dimmed.
When creating the scene, I choose Select Customized Light, Repeat Never and Action After Execution turn off. It then says that I need to add a frame. I’m not sure what I need to select here or if I am going about this the correct way.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have the same question pelase. What is the difference between “Groups” and “Rooms”?

You can still have groups of rooms which would be called e.g. downstairs or ceiling lights. I think it can be useful.

Difference between “Groups” and “Rooms”:
1、Groups are stored in your mobile phone while Rooms in the cloud, which means you can sync rooms in different phones with the same account.
2、You can put a bulb only to one room which you can put it to multi groups.
3、You can snapshot a scene for a room.

Scenes, you can understand it as a “screenshot” of your devices light state in some time.

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Hey, I have multiple bulbs and ceiling 650 in the room. I love it. But one can set the scenes only for each light/bulb. I am talking about kinda Philips Hue style when the scene gives different colours on different lights/bulbs. One can also pick the picture and it forwards the differend colors to different light which give the right ambiance of the desired scene.

Do you mean how setup a scene for multi devices?If yes, you can create a scene bundle in the main page of Yeelight, bottom tab named “Scene”.

Well, basically yes. But if u ever tried to setup the scene on Philips Hue for multiple lights you would better understand what I mean. Its more about the interface off the app to setup diferent lights in one screen. Than one can setup scenes more effectively.