RGBW E27 + Mi Home: many unexplained options


I downloaded Mi Home to make some more complex automation than available at the Yeelight app. It truly does have more options, but many are obscure and some of the more apparently useful I cannot get to work.
It would be very good if there was a detailed help page on Mi Home + Yeelight but I couldn’t find any.
Let me explain by pointing to the options available under Yeelight when creating a new Automation Scene:

Apart from the obvious ones, such as Turn on, Turn off, nothing else is obvious.

  1. Brightness/Temperature up and down - ok, it changes Up and Down but it would be nice to know by how much. ALSO, 1 Up + 1 Down DON’T arrive at the initial value! Would be a great way to dim at night and restore default by morning, gone to waste.
  2. Switch Brightness level: It doesn’t have any field to say the level you want. It switches to WHAT?
  3. Switch color temperature level: same problem
  4. Switch color: same problem. this is BIZARRE, it “switches” to a random color?
  5. Turn on or adjust Brightness/Color Temperature: nowhere to put the value of brightness/color, just that. Where these values come from? I tested it here and it simply made my light hotter to some temperature I never used or saved.
  6. Adjust brightness/Color temperature/Color: NOW, those are promising names for options, they seem to allow me to choose the value of these fields, but when you click them, they inform “can’t create valid scenes with selected conditions/action”. I have colors saved as favorites, I have scenes, none of that mattered.

I want to make simple automations with my lights but I still couldn’t find a consistent way to do that.
I want to dim temperature at night and return to default by morning, for example. I want to choose the temperature, brightness in these situations. I want the values to be applied even when the lights are off (although powered) so when I turn them on, they are dimmed by default at night. This is very basic stuff for these types of bulbs, how come it is so obscure?!

c’mon, someone must have an answer :confused:

Yeelight doesn’t have control over Mi Home app, as it is owned by Xiaomi. However, I’m sure someone from Yeelight can at least explain the automation rules in Mi Home.

thank you.

the two most indicated automation services for Yeelight have serious issues. There are plenty of IFTTT threads here complaining about the same bug, and Mi Home is very obscure (hence this thread)