Retractive switch with Yeelight?


I want to change my regular LED bulbs out with Yeelight bulbs.
I have a kitchen light which is connected to a regular light switch (on and off).

This switch is possible to modify to a retractive switch by putting in a spring. This way I can make the switch like it always give the light power and by pressing it, it will go from ON to OFF and quickly back to ON again. Will the Yeelight react to this and turn on or off the light?
Or will it only go off and then on again (not staying off, because there are power).

Hope you understand what I mean. If this is possible I would be really happy.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand that. Do you mean you want to keep the bulb powered and by pressing the switch, you will send some message to the bulb?

I’ll try to explain, yes the bulb will always be powered. And when you press the switch it will go from ON to OFF and back ON instantly, which I hope will send a message to the bulb to power off or on (even if the power is always on).

There is a bulb that does this, check here:

But I like the Yeelight and would much rather get that.

I see, it’s doable, however, needs a special firmware to do that, I don’t think we will support it… Really sorry

Glad to hear it is doable! :slight_smile: But sad to hear you won’t support it!
Isn’t it possible to add this as a feature with you can enable in the settings? As default it can be off. I think you will sell even more lights.

This is the only thing holding me back from switching all my lights!