Required App's to make IFTTT applet works

Hi everybody and thanks in advance for your anwers.

I have two questions:

1.- I installed Yeelight, MiHome and IFTTT App’s in my Xiaomi 4c device and I set my Led Ceiling lamp with an customized applet of IFTTT. I would like to know if all the previos app’s are necessary to make IFTTT applet work, or I could unistall MiHome App without porblems.

2.- I don’t know how really applets of IFTTT works, I mean, once configured, the lamp is configured on the cloud (Singapore Servers) and I could swich off the bluetooth and the wireless of my phone or should the phone be connected to the wifi and the bluetooth to make IFTTT applet work?

Thanks again.

Well IFTTT can’t launch scenes at all at the moment so…

You can uninstall other apps, but Yeelight support in IFTTT is broken at moment


Currently I’m using a Change Brightness Applet and it works.

I also found out that Bluetooth it’s not necessary to IFTTT applet works.