Remember power state after power outage with development mode

Hi, I have the Ceiling light and RGBW E27 lamp.
Both turn on after power outage.
I would like to be able tell both devices to switch to previous power state after power loss.
That is if they were on, they would turn on, and if they were off, they would stay off.
I am not using the Android App since I enabled developer mode on both devices and use python scripts to control them.
The devices are completely blocked from the internet.
Is it possible to do without cloud access?

Internally we have one option to satisfy your requirement, however, it’s not exposed to third party. When we design the API, there is a principle that all configuration related commands should not be exposed to 3rd party. We may consider open some interface in future.

First let me explain why this is in my opinion necessary.
Imagine you have a power outage during the night.
Your internet goes down and so your power.
After the power returns, you still have no internet, so even if your lamp works with cloud it could take a minute or so before the light turns off.
This would be extremely annoying, if the lamp is in your bedroom.

The solution I would propose, is to include this as a part of “save default state” command.
Simply allow the safe default api command to save on/off state along with color temperature, brightness etc.