Red color broken?

Hello there,

I am experiencing issues with my LED Bulb.
When it has to display red color, it just doesn’t shine in any color at all.
Also when setting up the sunset scene for example, it just shines in very low brightness in white color.
Please have a look at the video I made:

I already tried resetting the bulb with no success.
What bothers me is that it can show full brightness white color with no issues where I thought it just lights up the red, blue and green LEDs.?

I am using the latest firmware.

Thanks and best regards

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It’s just a guess but try doing this all at once and then see if it will fix:

  1. reset your bulb (again but with the following steps)
  2. disconnect your account with the app
  3. delete app

Then download app and set up the bulb. If this does not work try downloading an app like LightYeeAr on Apple or yeti smart home on android and see if that helps. If this does not work the bulb is broken and should be returned.

Hope this helps,


It seems broken. You can try what @Tom1221 suggested, if still not work, please return it.

Thanks for the suggestions, I tried the things, Tom suggested but unfortunately it didn’t better it.
Here is a video showing the reset… You can clearly see that the red color is not working.
That is the confirmation, that it is broken. I hope that I will get a replacement, but I think I will have to fight with gearbest.

What can I do to get a replacement item?
Gearbest only wants to send me a (low value) partial refund!
This is not acceptable after only 6 months of very little usage!
Can I get a replacement directly from Yeelight?
I appreciate any help.

As i know, Gearbest always does so. For example, for my phone ($150) with dead touchscreen they offered $25. But i asked for $75 and they agreed

Yeah. I just had to stay strong and ask for the whole money 3 times. Finally, they agreed. Annoying but it worked. When I have it, I can buy a new one :slight_smile:
I just didn’t want to accept this low refund after such a short period of usage. Hopefully, the new one will stay alive longer.

Thanks for your understanding. Let us know if you got any problem.