Random disconnection with the bulb

The lamp started working ever after the Yeelight app overhaul,and it worked fine (although it had a bit of delay) until about a week ago it disconnected,the app decided the bulb was always offline,and even after server changes, multiple resets and app reinstallation,it displays the usual “Connection timed out” when I try and set it up

Try turning off the bulb and router. Then turn on router, wait a bit and turn on the bulb.

Tried multiple times
Also note my wifi is VDSL instead of the usual ADSL

DSL has nothing to do with Wifi. That is your INTERNET connection. Wifi is Wifi :slight_smile: Either 2.4 or 5Ghz…

Some devices I’ve had didn’t support VDSL thats why i specified it,but the router runs on 2.4Ghz

I can understand that your MODEM doesn’t support VDSL but I can’t see why anything behind the modem would care what is your connection…

The modem supports VDSL I never implied the opposite,but the discussion has taken a different direction than intented and I would like to get a solution to my problem.(And as a sidenote the device does seem to differentiate between VDSL and ADSL cause my cousin bought the same device and successfully paired it in a ADSL wifi,even tried my device on their network and worked successfully,while on my VDSL environment it wouldn’t connect until the latest firmware update) but it randomly stopped a few weeks back,and your original suggested solution doesn’t work.

Even after the app and bulb firmware updates (I used a phone hotspot to perform the firmware update) the bulb refuses to work with my internet connection

Thank you yeelight developer team! The Germany server has finally allowed it to connect very,very fast and the lamp is also very responsive

Good to know !