Quick question

I am in need to attach my own portable power supply for these lights, and I bought them after seeing a video where someone disconnected the power supply… like in this photo:

BUT I have noticed that not all photos are like this, and am worried that they no longer have this feature. Can anyone tell me (or the yeelight employees let me know) if all yeelight strips have this feature (where the power adapter is separated) ?

I exchanged my powersupply to another one without any issues. looked for one with 12V DC and 1A output, cut the cable, reconnected and it’s just working fine.

Would love to see just a yeelight controller with multiple outputs, where we can add more than one strip to it,

for lightning a ceiling in different places, but same light and intensity at the same time, this would help so much.
if there could be additionally an option to switch different channels off - best solution!

kind regards Lukas

Hey Lukas, thanks for responding. So you had to cut the cable? See the photo I have included, some models seem to have this connection already, without the need for being cut. So with the model you have, you can’t just disconnect the power adapter?

nope, my power brick was connected directly to the controller and that to the LED strip itself.
but cutting and rewiring was not a big deal.

it’s only 2 cables, where the negative is also used as a shield. it can be exchanged nicely.

FYI: have 5 of those strips - everywhere the same :wink: no connector at all :slight_smile:

Great - the info is much appreciated !

FYI I’ve got mine working with Saxby 43810 led drivers