Questions/suggestions about Yeelight ecosystem

Hello there, I’m an happy Yeelight user and I would like to know if it is possibile to or if it is possible to implement the following:

  1. To create an icon on the phone desktop (I’m an android user) for each scene we create within the Yeelight app… It would make faster to trigger a scene and I can’t actually see why we can’t do it yet (or maybe I’m missing something…)

  2. To add a timer into a scene… E.g.: Scene Sleep----> all the house light goes off but the ones in the bedroom ----> 20 minutes later —> bedroom light goes off as well.
    I mean is something i used to do when I was on Xiaomi Mi home app, but then I had to switch to Singapore Server in order to make Ifttt work with Yeelight as all know… (I’ve personally lost the integration with the Ir remote, a few switches, a smart plu and so on…)

Lastly… Are my lightstrips which dont get along with Blue color or what? I mean, I really love Yeelight stuff (I own 4 color bulbs and 4 lightstrips) but for what concern lightstrips I can’t set a real blue, but only something violettish :stuck_out_tongue: (color bulbs works pretty fine even with blue).

Thank you for the attention keep up the good work