Put longer LED strips on Yeelight Light Strip


I bought a LED strip and would like to remove the led strip and power source, put a 5m RGB/RGBW brighter led strip and a more powerful power source. And this way create a light source with enough light for my whole livingroom.

Anyone done this before? Would it work?
I know I will lose my warranty.

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Nobody? Am I that crazy? :wink:

We highly suggest you wait for our new light strip will could be extended to 10 meters.

Yeah, that might be a safer idea …

good news !

any ETA ? like in 1 month ? 3 months ? 6 months ? 1 year ? :slight_smile: more ?? :frowning:

2 ~ 3 month

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thank you !

can you give us some information about what’s new ?

we know it can be extended up to 10 meters thanks to you, what else ? :slight_smile:

When does it come?

It will be called Lightstrip Plus. Refer to the image below for more information.