Programming Error: Yeelight Scenes Have Error When Called By Google Home Routines

I’ve made YouTube video that show the problem:
If you use the “activate” command to turn on a Yeelight actions scene in Google Home, it will work just fine. However, if you call the exact same scene using the scene function in a Google Home routine, the scene will activate but it gives the error message “could not reach scene, try again later.” Very annoying. This is something in the way that Yeelight is programmed, because I can call Philips Hue scenes in Google Home routines and they work fine with no “can’t reach” error.

This is driving me crazy. Hope the Yeelight developers respond to this post.

working on this

Thanks! If its any help, I can upload a video about the issue and post it in here.

Hello, I just created a scene ( morning ), then created a routines on GH app.

When i say: i’m back
GH say: sure, activating the morning

Could you upload a video ?
please show me your Xiaomi ID

Hi yusure, thanks for your reply.
When creating a routine you can choose if you want to “tell the assistant what to do” (if you write activate name_of_the_scene ) and it will work (just like the picture you shared)

But if you choose the option “Adjust Scene” instead of “Tell assistant what to do” It will work but every time will say: “Sorry I’m unable to reach name_of_the_scene right now, try again”


I will upload the video later today. Thanks!

Okay, i see. thanks for you screenshot.

My video about the issue:
Hope it can help!

Yup facing the exact same problem. Hope you guys can fix it soon! Seems pretty easy to reproduce. Pretty annoying too :frowning:

@erikmolina @ravedev
Hi guys,

I just fixed it, have a try please, now there is no error response.
if you have any questions, please reply !


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Hey, just try it and works perfectly.

Thanks! :smile: