Problems with frames and white yeelight


I have one of thee lights:

With firmware 1.4.1_53, and android app 3.0.06. Connected to Singapore server.

I can turn the light on or off OK, or set the brightness etc, but I am trying to set up a customised scene so I have been trying to use frames.
When I go to set a custom scene, I add an icon and a name and then set “Action after Execution” to turn off. Then I go to add frames and here is where I get stuck.

I want the bulb to immediately turn on to 20% and then take 5 minutes to slowly dim to 1% and then switch off. The problem is that when I add frame, I only have “Color Frame” and “Color Temp Frame” and “Pause Frame”. I can create a series of color frames that seem to do what I want but when I go to add a bulb, it tells me that my bulbs are not compatible. I am guessing this is because they are white bulbs and I only have the option of creating color frames?

Can someone please guide me with this?



Cause white bulb has no ability to change color temperature, so we will add brightness scene for white bulb.

Thank you. Do you know when this would be?


Other Yeelight devices that has ability to change color temperature, such as color bulb, Mi bedside lamp, Mi LED lamp, etc…