Problem with Yeelight and Google Home

Hello. I have a Yeelight model. XMCTD01YL. I tried to connect this Yeelight to Google Home but it wasn´t impossible.
I tried with app Yeelight and app Mi Home too.
App Yeelight: register and use all ok but when I connected with Google Home the link was good but the device didn´t show in Google Home.
App Mi Home: register ok but if I try to use the Yeelight with the app Mi Home I have to reconnect every time.
I tried to connect the Yeelight with IFTT to Google Assistant but I have a message “no options found” when I am in “section then”.
Mi ID: 1834977939
Could someone help me, please ?
I am sorry for my english. I am spanish.
Thank you.

ONLY wifi based devices of Yeelight support GH. Your bedside lamp is based on bluetooth, it doesn’t support GH.