Problem with bulb after update

First of all excuse me for my english (I’m French).
I have a problem with my yeelight bulb. After an update, which went well, the bulb went crazy.
It starts to flash, so it resets itself, and can not be reinstated in the yeelight application.
My MI-ID: 1588503975
Thank you for your precious help!

Hello, where do you put the bulb? Could you try to power off the bulb for an hour and re-setup it to see what happened?

Hello dingyichen, and thanks for your answer !
Yes I try this (2 Days off) and I have the same problem.

Does your bulb work well before firmware update? Please refer to the link:

Yes I have already tested. Here is a Youtube link for you to be more aware of the problem.
Thank you for your help

No one to help me please ?

What voltage do you use in your country? Does it match the voltage printed in the package of the bulb?

Yes it’s the same volatge (220v)

Do you have any other socket to try if the bulb has the same problem? If yes, please contact your retailer for a replacement or refund.

Same problem… I have no answer of my retailer (gearbest)… How to do, I feel alone ! :imp:

Any update from your retailer?

They ask me to explain my problem again!
We turn arround !!

I have no news from my retailer… Xiaomi manages the guarantees directly? I am desperate

No help for me ?

Hi, where did you buy the bulb? Please provider your order, we will help to contact your retailer. Thanks!

Yes I know, but I no answer from him…