Problem using mi led desk lamp with alexa

I can use yeelight app to control on/off and I can discover the device in Alexa but when I use voice to control Alexa said the lamp is not responsive, I have been using 3 yeelight color bulb with zero problem with Alexa, just got the mi led desk lamp today

You can try it again,maybe it’s because of network.
If not,could you please give me your XIAOMI ID,to help us find what it happened.

Actually I have tried to unlink and link the account in Alexa but seems the same, in the Alexa app when I try to access the device, it sometimes said the device is unresponsive

Sorry for we need is XIAOMI ID which is a number not an email.:joy:

No problem 1667268572, seems a number of people using yeelight bulb reported similar problem for Alexa in the forum


I seem to experience a problem connecting my Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S to Alexa. i can connect via wireless to the Yeelight and Mi Home apps, but after enabling the skill on Alexa, she cannot discover it.
Basically, it’s like there is no integration.
Any words of advice?


Which alexa skill you are using, mihome?
Seems i dont see any problem, i was using Singapore region for the mi home app though, i saw quite some complaints in alexa skill

Yes, I am using Mi Home. But not with that skill nor with the Yeelight skill, I cannot seem to find the lamp. The server that I am using is Europe.
I have also seen the bad rating on the Alexa skills store, However I wonder if there is any way it can be done?