Problem connecting to the bulb :(


Iam using an Oneplus 2 running Andriod 6.0, the router i have is a D-link.

iam trying to connect to the bulb through Yeelight app ( with Singapore as my server). follwoing are problems iam facing

  1. connection time out
  2. connection intrupted

i even reset the bulb two times ( switchin it On/Off 5 times) . it connected once, but after that it is showing as offline. then i deleted the device and started all over again .

After the connection timeout, could you see it on your router’s DHCP list?

yes, i can see the device in the list, i selected the ‘‘forget device’’ option. then again tried to connect with yeelight app. somtimes its connecting and working, but most of times its says device offline. then i had to start the whole process again

Could you show us your DNS setup in your router’s console page?

i just upgraded the firmware to 1.4.1_48 it seems to be stable now…

but will it cause problems again if i switch locations? like i have it setup at my office now. but plan to move to my home.

Should not.