Problem connecting to singapore server

received the ceiling light today and happy so far…
I want to connect to IFTTT but have no option to choose the lamp.

So I read about connecting to singapore server and it should work.
The problem is, if I log out change to singapore and add device there is no ceiling lamp ?!
How do I manage this?
Best regards

please use Yeelight app, rather than Mi Home app.

And Ceiling light should be reset by power on and off by five times in a row.

Hi, i bought philips zhirui downlight from china. I understand from certain website that i should change to china server to add them because Singapore server will not display this model when i add device. I switched to china server, successfully added them and control them. Unfortunately, Google home will not be able to detect them as the log in will point the devices added to Singapore server. May i know if you are able to assist in migrating my mi account to china server where google home can take reference from or there is any alternatives which i can resolve this issue? Thanks

This is Yeelight, we know nothing of Philips.