Privacy Issues with Yeelight

Hi, will there be privacy issues with using the lights? Because it is linked with the internet, so will it collect data and transmit over the internet? Thank you.


It is extremely unlikely that yeelight would get your data from a light bulb, they only use wifi to turn on and of and nothing else. They are extremely safe to use over wifi but if you are worried about it I recommend you get the Bluetooth version named yeelight blue,

If you have anymore questions don’t be afraid to ask me!



Ah thanks Tom for your reply! Just a little (over) paranoid about such things haha! Will check out Yeelight Blue too. I actually thought those were knock offs of the Yeelight, considering they had different logos and all!

While we are at this, I was wondering if you know the bulbs can be turned on and off without the use of the app? Thank you!

The bulbs can be turned on and off at the light switch normally but can’t change colour. I would recommend you buy an amazon echo dot for £39.99 or $40. They will allow you to control your light with your voice. Also about the yeelight blue, I have not done that much research but I believe it’s the same people but using a different app, either way I would still highly recommend the wifi version as it is always being up to date and is amazing being able to control it with your voice, I believe it will work with google home in the future. Privacy with any of these devices can be a concern to people but I can ensure you that privacy is a priority to these companies and they would never invade your privacy.

Hope this helps,



@Tom1221 Thanks for your explanation. Yes, you are right, Yeelight highly respect customer’s privacy, just like the other great companies or companies intend to be great.

If your router supports it, you could connect the bulbs to a guest WLAN, that is detached from your private WLAN, so your concerns about sharing your data should be gone.

It is possible to control all Yeelights fully locally. This feature is called ‘Developer Mode’ and can be enabled in app.

You can install free software smart home automation system such as Home Assistant on your local computer and then detach your lights from internet. All your data will stay in your local network and never go to internet.