Power on with switched socket outlet

Hi folks,

I want to power the led on and off with a switched socket outlet. But when i switch the socket outled on, the led is still off, so i only can switch it on with the push button.

Maybe it is possible to edit the firmware in that way, that the led starts automatic when it gets electric power, like the ceiling led (with the remote control).

Or is there any other way…

Thanks and best regards


New firmware will be ready soon.

Thanks for the quick reply. Wait for the new firmware…

Still waiting… no new firmware to see :frowning:

Hi, is there a chance to get the new firmware soon… thx

Hi, we have released yet, the latest firmware version is 1.3.0_52. In Yeelight application, there is an option of “Auto on upon power resumption” in “Default State”, please have a try.

Thank you, works fine :grin:.