Pleae Help: A quick few questions regarding the YEELIGHT Strip

I really want the Yeelight LED strips, but have a few questions:

  • Can I power them from a portable powersupply, like a power bank? Can I get some adapter to power them through USB?

  • What are the dimensions of the strips? I want to fit them into some housing, which have the option ranging from 10mm to 24mm (i’m sure one of them would be fine).

  • I’m interested in the CRI if anyone knows it too?

If anyone can answer any of these questions, I will be very grateful. Thanks!

Why would you power them from power bank, they have their own adapter? You would have to cut the cord to adapter and find out how much power they need…

Well they need 12v… and I want the make them portable and not run off mains for video use. I have found other products that can do this, so it doesn’t matter. Thanks for the response.

I saw that you can indeed plug your own power source into these lights (I thought there wasn’t a DC connector) so I have purchased these. Look forward to getting them! Is there any way to customise the music flow? Can you set the spectrum? Can you just have it flash on the beat - white, say?

Many thanks