Philips/Yeelight working with Yeelight app?

Does anyone know how i can get my philips yeelight working with the yeelight app i can get it working with the mi home app but i think i can only use my lights with google home linking the yeelight app.?

Dude, its Phillips not Yeelight. The Xiaomi ecosystem has many different relationship with other companies. Yeelight bulbs work under the Xiaomi mi ecosystem as do those Xiaomi Phillips bulbs. However Yeelight and Phillips bulbs are completely separate from each other.

that doesnt make one bit of sense, dude, it works under the mi app but not the yeelight app even though its made by yeelight, i’d think it would work. if it doesnt when will it?

Are you talking about a Xiaomi Philips bulb or a Xiaomi Yeelight bulb? Both will work with the Mi app as that is a Xiaomi application and both work in the Xiaomi ecosystem. The Yeelight app is made by Yeelight so only the Yeelight bulbs will work with it.