Online in MiHome app, but offline in Yeelight app

Hi. I’ve recently bought 4 bulbs for my bedroom ceiling lights and have grouped them as one. I initially installed MiHome app on android to setup my mi account and discover the bulbs, then later on, installed yeelight app. I’ve also easily integrated the bulbs to Alexa via yeelight skill with no problem (can control on/off, brightness and color). The problem is, when I try to use the yeelight app, everything is offline. But the MiHome app shows that they’re online. I can turn the bulbs via yeelight app and even set brightness, but their status is offline nonetheless. Let me reiterate that alexa works just fine. Am i doing anything wrong?

Edit: by the way, even if they’re offline, i can still create scenes which can in turn be discovered by alexa and can be manually run by voice command.

MiHome App

Yeelight app

Hi, which platform do you use? Does it always show offline in Yeelight application? Please provider you Mi ID.

I’m sorry I dont fully understand your question about the platform. The yeelight app is inconsistent. Sometimes it shows the bulbs are online but 70 to 80% of the time, it shows offline. My Mi ID is 1776466581. Thank you for your assistance!

I mean the platform of you phone, IOS or Android? What about if you pull down to refresh the page to see if the device status will be changed?

I’m using Android OS (7.0). Refresh doesn’t fix the problem. Its almost always offline. Because of this, I cant fully enjoy the features of the bulb via the yeelight app.

Update: last night, i added a unused bulb via the yeelight app. For a few minutes, the yeelight app could see the status of the newly added bulb and the existing bulbs. After that, every bulb went offline again in the app. (mihome app and control via alexa is okay though).

We will take a look at it, could you please tell us detail time last night when the issue happened. Or if you have Wechat, you can add me with “Andydingding”.

It seems whenever I connect to my access point, bulbs in yeelight app become offline. But when I am on mobile internet, yeelight app is fine. So it must be an issue with my access point rather than the yeelight or mihome app. I don’t even know where to start looking for the problem… :frowning:

Thanks for you information, I will have a try tomorrow.

We have found the root cause of the issue, it seems there’s something unstable of network interface that provided by Google, in this case, we won’t query/update device list if current network is off. We have made changes for that, will release very soon. Thanks again!

Thanks! I’ll just wait for the update.