One remote control for two LED Ceiling Light

Is it possible to control two led ceiling light at the same room with one RC?
I want to operate them both together using one click of a button. power on both with one click and power off both with one click.

Sure, one remote controller can be paired with any number of Ceiling lights.
One Ceiling lights can be paired with up to 10 remote controller.


Are you sure?
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You can not control 2 lights in one room with same RC.

Each remote control and lamp need to be paired.

Use the power to open the Yeelight LED Ceiling light and make the following operation for 60 seconds while turning on the OFF + M button on the remote control. At this time, the remote control’s indicator flashes to indicate that it is connected and waits for the ceiling Flashing, that is, the connection is successful.

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I am sure of that one remote can be paired with multi Ceiling lights. We will contact gearbest to correct the answer.

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Hello, I have two Xiaomi ceiling light in my kitchen and I’m trying to bind them with one remote pressing Off and Mode button at the same time, and I can’t do it…
How should I do it?

Thanks a lot

You need to pair the remote controller with both ceiling lights firstly.
Power on the ceiling light (by wall switch), press M + OFF of the remote control within one minute.

Can I use this ceiling lamp with normal wall switch? What happens If I turn ON the wall switch and I turn OFF on the remote, after that I do a power cycle on wall switch (from ON to OFF then ON), it should be stay on.

yes, you are correct


I had the same problem, after a lot of time spent trying here is my solution:

  1. Pair Lamp 1 as usual. Lamp 2 is still not paired.
  2. Turn on both lamps using the app.
  3. Leave the lights on and remove the unpaired lamp from wall mount so it is disconnected from power. Wait a few seconds.
  4. Put lamp on wall mount again
  5. Press M and OFF together on the remote
  6. After a few seconds of blinking the second lamp is also paired!

I hope it helps, I found no other solution in the web

This post is good but I have another issue when I tried to set my ac temp. using remote control then it shows an error 24-hour ac repair, so I want a solution on how to remove this error.