One of my two ceilings can't be connected

Hi !

I’ve just received my two Yeelight ceilings and am very exciting about them. However, I can’t Connect one of them to the network even using several methods (Bluetooth, ceiling wifi, home wifi directly, with yeelight app or mihome app on iOS and Android). Obviously, i’ve reseted the ceiling to default each time with the 5 on/off method. The ceiling light is ok and the object is well seen by the apps but impossible to reach it. According to the method, it either ends up with a timeout at 100% or stuck at 25% even if the Bluetooth icon of the device I’m trying to connect with blinks one time . I’ve also tried to switch place between the two ceilings or removing the one that actually could Connect (to avoid perturbations/jamming) but that didn’t help. What can I do now ? Is there A flaw in my ceiling ? The fact that one on them is working is supporting this theory… My ID is 1668015636 and my server is the China Mainland one.

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Is your remote controller working? Could you see the ceiling lamp on your router? Also try to setup your phone as hotspot and use another phone to connect see if it works.

Hi @weiwei and thank you so much for answering me during the holidays. Using a phone as a wifi hotspot had the same behaviour of non-inclusion of the device. The remote controler can pair with the device (even if when both of my ceilings are powered, the two remotes prefer binding with the fully functionnal ceiling). Both of the ceilings are seen by my dhcp router but instantaneously go offline for it. Even if if I assign a fixed IP address to them. When I activate the développer mode on the functionnal ceiling (let’s call it F for further discussion) then it goes online for the router and stays online, which I presume is normal. It obviously can’t be done for the non-functionnal one (NF) because the item has to be in the device list of the app to activate the développer mode. To conclude, I’d like to precise the behaviour with the yeelight app if that matters because I think I’ve noticed a particular behaviour according to the number of ceilings simultaneously powered (but perhaps it’s only random ?) : if both F and NF are powered and reseted to default, and I start with NF pairing, the pairing is slow and goes until 100% and then a red cross in a circle appears (pairing failure) but when only the NF one is powered, the pairing process is quick and ends early (before 100%), then go back to the first screen (the one you see when you have no device paired yet). Trying then another scan for new devices won’t show NF at all.

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Please try to ping NF ceiling see if it’s reachable. Please also provide the MAC address of the NF ceiling lamp, we will check it after the vacation.

Hi @weiwei,

For an unknown reason, after one night of basically doing nothing, the ceiling appeared in the app… The only thing I did is to chose another wi-fi channel (this new one and the former one both being of course in the 2.4Ghz frequency). Since it now appears in the app, I’ve quickly activated de dev mode and integrated it my home domotics without any problem. I’ve noticed the F one had the the previous firmware (which I upgraded) whereas the NF one has the latest firmware out of the box, I don’t know if it’s relevant. Anyway, It now works perfectly fine and I’m already planning to buy more Yeelight ceilings for my home. I don’t know if I’ll experiment such a problem when I will have to reinstall it in the future but for now, everything’s fine. Thank you for your answers and keep in touch :slight_smile:
PS : I’m lalso looking forward seeing a Gu10 bulb reaching the commercial plan of YeeLight to change the 8 I’ve got here :). I know it isn’t planned so far but I’ll be waiting :slight_smile:



That is strange, we have sold tens of thousands Ceiling lamps and haven’t got the similar issue. Could you let us know the brand of your router, so we can do some tests.