Offline use of the Yeelights

Is it possible to use the lights and apps offline?

I mean does it need to have a internet connection to operate?

I’m asking this for serveral reasons:

  1. what happens with my lights when i have no internet connection or when your server goes down? (or worse, hacked)
  2. How save is the connection to your server? Which ports are used and which software runs on the lamps?
    Who tell’s me that the lights are not sniffing in my home network?
  3. Is there maybe a change there will be a home hub available soon for offline use?

There is LAN mode, or developer mode, how it used to be called earlier. you can turn it on for EACH bulb/light and then you can operate bulbs from your LAN independent of the cloud. I.e. from Tasker with Send/Expect addon or from your Python app…

And yeelight app??

Didn’t test but you can try disabling internet access to Yeelight app and see if it works in LAN mode…

Thanks, I will test it tonight

Does the setting lan mode saved on the bulb or just the app?
When i cut off the internet and restart the app. There is no connection unless i switch on the internet…

But on lan mode the light reacts faster

It is definitely in the bulb, because your own apps can’t know how you have Yeelight app setup.

Thanks, probleem is, I think in the app. When re-open de app the connection is lost en can only re-establisch when switch on the internet or pull the plug from the led strip (in my case).
Somehow the app searches in the cloud in stead of searching local netwerk. Ledstrip has a static ip.