Offline problems & favorites disappearing

Hello, I have 2 yeelight RGB bulbs and one LightStrip. They all are connected to the official Xiaomi Yeelight app via the Singapore server (I am from the EU).

One problem is that my devices are randomly being showed as offline. When this happens then every device will be shown as offline, and I can’t control them. I have to turn off my WiFi on the phone, so the phone goes through LTE, then every device comes back online as normal. I have confirmed that there is no problem with my router nor with my internet connection, everything works except the bulbs.

The other problem is also with the official app. I configured some favorites but when I click on “apply” two things can happen - either the selected favorite will be activated, or the selected favorite will be deleted. It can just randomly disappear from my favorites list and there is no way bringing them back, I have to reconfigure it again.

Could you please investigate the issue? I love these bulbs but these problems are really annoying :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for you information, we will take a look at it.

How often the selected favorite will be deleted happens, does it also happen on the new favorite?

Thanks for answering so quickly. The problem with the favorites is happening sporadically, i would say, you have about 20% chance, that on click on apply the selected favorite will be deleted. It can be that it is some kind of UI problem, because if you swipe one favorite, the delete button is right under the apply button.

This happens only when you try to apply one previously stored favorite. The new favorite function is working correctly

We have found the root cause of the issue, it seems there’s something unstable of network interface that provided by Google, in this case, we won’t query/update device list if current network is off. We have made changes for that, will release very soon.

We have not received feedback like this, we will consider to add confirm dialog to delete the item.

Thank you very much! I am looking forward receiving the update :slight_smile: A deletion confirmation window would be handy, thanks for the very quick response!