Notifications through Yeelight and IFTTT

Does anyone have a solution for this, or is it something that can be implemented.

I’d love to be able to set up a light pulse or flash of colour for notifications, say if I got a facebook notification, tweet or maybe text message.


Please try Flash Notify in the recommend scene.

Yes but the scene is too white and flashes too many times.

Can you make an action in IFTTTT to choose colour/ flashes or create a couple more scenes in the app so we can have differnet optinos. i.e.

  • 1 Flash Blue
  • 1 Flash Yellow
  • 2 flash green

How do we set up this notification for example if I have an sms or call coming in on my mobile. Is there any particular applet in IFTTT to trigger it or is there any other function on IOS

There will be a big feature in 3.0 that allow you setup any mode you like. Any color, any duration, any repeat times, any combo of that, it’s your call!

Wow thats great. When is 3.0 due for launch?

Beta testing channel will be opened in two weeks.

How do we sign up for the beta testing or will it be available for general download?

we will launched beta test for general download next week.

Has this been incorporated in the beta version.
Also is the IOS beta out??

I am currently trying with an iPhone to set my Yeelight color red bulb to flash when receiving a notification or a call. I have the IFTTT app and it seems that it only has support for Android at the moment. Am I mistaken, can this be done for Iphone?
Thank you!