No bluetooth connection

I have 2 new bedside lights from GearBest with Bluetooth and WiFi. I have downloaded the latest Yeelight App and have carefully reset the lamps. My Samsung Note 4 will detect and pair. My Xiaomi Note 4 will detect but not pair. Using the App the Samsung will not detect even after reset of the lamp. It is the same with the Xiaomi phone. Both phones will detect the WIFi and connect but how to control and configure? Lovely lights but not very smart. Any suggestions?

1、After you reset the lamp, please make sure if there is AP named “XMCTD_” from your bluetooth list.
2、If yes, please grant permissions that the application request. You can clear cache data of Yeelight or reinstall it.

Bluetooth list using Samsung phone directly (not the Yeelight App) shows “mi_mtk” and “paired”. AP named XMCTD is not seen anywhere. Yeelight App still does not detect the lamp.I have reinstalled Yeelight App from Google Playstore and linked to Chinese mainland Server. WiFi on phone shows “yeelight-light-bslamp1_mibt3c20” and will connect to an IP address.Where do we go from here because I do not know what to try next?

Sorry for my information, I though you have a bedside lamp of Gen 1, which is a bluetooth based device.

Since you can see an AP “yeelight-light-bslamp1_mibt3c20” from you wifi list, I think the wifi module is ok with the lamp. Next, you should open Yeelight app, in the tab of device page, click “Add” icon from right-top to add a new device. In the page of add new device, please select “Mi Bedside Lamp” instead of “Bedside Lamp”. In the next page, click the lamp that app discoveries, select a wifi… please have a try.

Sorry, I didn’t realise that there was another page. I added Mi bedside lamp, found the WIFi network “yeelight” and tried to connect. It gets to about 65%, stops and the says try again. Tried again many times but always with the same result. I thought Bluetooth would be better than WiFi but at present nothing seems to work. I have two lamps and both exhibit the same problems.

Do you have another phone to setup a hotspot to connect your lamp?

I have an old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a brand new Xiaomi Note 4 which I expected to work with Xiaomi lamps without any problems. i do not know what you mean by a hotspot but I will try anything. This really does not give one confidence in home automation.