Night Mode from standard wall switch


Currently, Night Mode only works from the APP and remote controller.

Would you consider expanding Night Mode functionality also to standard wall switches? I believe most of Ceiling Light users use them, and would benefit from it.

I love the concept of Night Light, but as it is I cannot use it :disappointed:

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I am not sure standard wall switches can be used together with ceiling light, because they turn off the light completely (if you are talking about Aqara switches). You could use wireless Aqara switch and program it for 1 button to turn on day and other button to turn on night mode…

Hello @dalanik,

Sure they can be used, but they have less options than an smart switch.

What I asked is if Yeelight will consider to expand the Night Mode implementation to apply also to the users with non-smart switches (which I belive to be the majority).

Now I don’t understand anything :slight_smile: Wireless switch works through the gateway, and is a SMART switch. Aqara wall switch (wired one) should be used with non-smart lights, i.e. regular bulbs. If you turn it off, the Yeelight bulb or ceiling light (wifi) would loose Wifi connection (and also be turned off) but then there is no point in smart ceiling light, is there?

@dalanik, as said, Ceiling Light potential is bigger with smart switch, but it is still very useful with a regular switch.
Please do not insist in the aqara switch, my question is not about this.

@Yeelight would you consider to expand Night Mode as I explain above to make it useful to users with non-smart switches?

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Thanks for the suggestion. In fact we are working on similar functionalities, which switch the lamp to another brightness or color temperature at the second or third powering-on if the previous up-time was too brief (say < 5 seconds). With this feature, if the user is not satisfied with the lighting status after turning on the wall switch, he/she could shut off the lamp immediately and turn the wall switch again to switch to another lighting mode.

We are still considering whether and how to introduce this feature to existing products (we must be cautious of behavior changes). Please stay tuned.

Sounds cool but might be “dangerous” considering that in 5 on/off cycles you reset the lamp.
If you are about to introduce a feature like that then user must have full control (turn the future on/off, decide the delay between cycles and the actions and if possilble change the cycle count for the reset procecure from the app so he wont accidentaly reset the lamp, unless this is embedded in the lamp and cannot be overidden).

Actually for me my personal opinion is that there is absolutely no point having a smart lamp and turning it completely off from the wall switch. It misses half of the possibilities that way. In a smart lamp there should always be a smart wireless switch or remote and it is a pitty that yeelight relies on Xiaomi for that with all the known problems and costs. But since Yeelight doesnt have their own switches/remotes for their lamps then a feature like that is welcomed if it is at least designed correctly.

That is my point exactly… turning it completely off beats the purpose.

This solution would have to be completely new “design” - probably similar to aqara switch (with more options) AND a small “hidden” or hard to reach/press emergency switch which would completely switch off the lamp.

You see, the problem with smart switches is that we all have “normal” switches, and they’re redundant. But I’d also hate to completely remove classic switch, because I might need to turn off the lamp completely or reset. without physical switch, one would have to use circuit breaker, and that would turn all the lights in the flat/home.

So the only solution IMHO would be aa special switch which would have a small real on-off button somewhere hard to press by accident (on the side of the switch?) and normal zigbee switch…

Something like this (sorry for bad mockup, I am not very talented in graphics software) :slight_smile:

So the original suggestion, of having Night Mode work with standard wall switches, is not possible? Maybe the light could check the time and night mode status after being turned on, even if there is some delay?

It would be more consistent if Night Mode works regardless of how you turn the light on or off.